the ravings of a lunatic

thought that I might jot
down all the thoughts
that I've thought,
put a lid on all that
I have learned,
as a result of being taught
the hard way, time after time
after time

but then realized that all
of that is meaningless,
worthless, bent, buckled,
burned, destroyed,
left lying in an alley
rolling around with empty
beer cans, pizza boxes
and used Trojans

not much point to any point,
since I am no less worthless
than you are, or the next person,
and writing it down does not
make it any less so

poets look at the sunrise
and see promise
I look at it and see nothing but
regret, remorse and futile discourse
where the puppies all bite,
the kittens bleed,
nothing is adorable,
and silence is all a soul needs

so in lieu of wasting more of your
time, and to avoid you sending me
a bill for it, I'm going to stop now,
and go mow the grass

and you thought I had nothing to say:

June 27, 2009.
Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved. As if anyone would want to steal this.

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