never too late

too late is the setting sun, too late is when all
the winning's been won, too late is when none
of anything is any fun, too late is when you
have absolutely no where left to run, too late
is never great, as you slowly asphyxiate, too
late is when all you can do is hyperventilate,
and baby, this time, right now, this is none of
those, this is not a curtain, not a close, this is
not something we chose, it chose us, and we
can sit here, and imagine fear, whisper in each
other's ears, and it can take the last that we
have to give, it can rob us of our will to live,
or we can renew the pledge, we can climb off
this ledge, and we can have again what got
trampled in the dust, we can have the two of
us, back again, just like way back when, and
I've seen enough curtain calls, and ungraceful
trip-and-falls, baby, to know, we can come
back from this, it's a chance we can't afford to
miss, either one of us, apart is a minus, and
together is a real big plus, and these hearts
have gone through enough, what we've
talked about and what we can't discuss,
enough to prove not just tender but tough,
and if we just take a deep breath and wait,
I know that we will both know that it is
never too late.

June 23, 2009, for her.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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