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It’s been 6 months, 100 Posts, $7.50 in adsense revenue, and $2.50 in revenue from referrals to writings on Associated Content. I thought it would be a good time to look over this site and reflect on what articles I liked the most.

First I tried to see what was most popular on this site. I don’t have any advanced tools for tracking visitors just adsense reports saying I get 14 to 40 visits a day. So I looked over at Alexa to see what they said about my site. Most of the results weren’t surprising I’m ranked 3,191,381th as far as traffic. I have revenue under $10 million a year, I’m right in the middle as far as load time, ect. But the thing that caught my attention was the keywords people use to find my site. Most people who come to this site through search engines do it when searching for “Ganymede Creationism”.

A quick google search of “Ganymede Creationism” on its own doesn’t pull up Project Savior (it probably will after this article) in the first 15 pages so the people who found me through that must be very determined.

Adding Project Savior to the search for “Ganymede Creationism” pulls up 55 entries, I didn’t think I talked about either subject that much but the bots seem to think so. So I will look at my articles that deal with those subjects.

Ganymede or Space in general.

I first talked about Ganymede in my Space Tourism Series saying it would be a great place to go Skiing or Scuba diving.
I started the Space Tourism Series after looking around to see what blogs were popular. Tourism blogs are very popular but the people who write them do seem to leave their house more than I do. (I hate having to remember to get dressed and people outside complain when I forget.) So I could either write about a great getaway to my kitchen or write about places that only a couple of people, if any, have been to.

I didn’t want my kitchen to become a great tourist hot-spot (at least not until I refinish the hardwood floors) so I wrote about how different objects in the solar system would make great tourism spots.

The entire series is here:

Kuiper Belt





The Moon

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a children’s book about a 10-year-old girl and her cat going to all these places. I think kids would love to imagine themselves on other worlds and at the same time it would teach them about the solar system in a fun way.

As far as other Space Related posts it’s easy to see that I’m a Space Geek. I grew up during the Space Race and was promised that I would have a chance to go to the Moon if I worked hard enough. I my teen years it was obvious that wasn’t true so I stopped trying.

I hope I can do my small part in building enthusiasm to get people to demand we have a real Space Program again.

Here are my Space Articles:


As far as the Creationism part that has drawn people to my site, I’ve talked about Creationism a couple of times:


Now some people might wonder, what’s the harm in a few nutters pushing an easily discredited idea like Creationism. Basically they are pushing a way to lead the nation into tyranny.

Evolution is an applied science. That means people need to use it to get results. If you can brainwash kids into thinking results can’t be predicted by rules that govern what happens after an action is taken, not only science, but laws and truth become meaningless.

In my book “Project Spare-Rib” the bad guy was going to use Bush’s “War on Science” as a way to set up his authoritarian rule of the US, here is an excerpt from his evil speech:

“Throughout the nation Science will start to be viewed as a cult religion, Universities will be viewed as Elitist Clubs, Teachers will be viewed as union pawns who’s only purpose is to spread liberal heresy. Truth will be a matter of perspective as logic and reasoning become viewed as tools of the Evil Elitists.

“Teaching of the scientific method, evolution, and logical fallacies and even math, except for in select technical schools, will all be banned.

“With that tide of public opinion on our backs, knowledge will become the enemy and logic a menace, we will no longer have to worry about ruling a nation under laws as Knowledge, logic and truth become suspect, then so to are the laws. This nation will be ruled as I see fit, as the Constitution and all Laws will be just quaint relics from a different time that only Activist Judges will care about.

“Everything you and your friends believe in, the endless pursuit of knowledge, the joys of unraveling the secrets of the Universe, the very concept of a Universal Truth will all be outlawed under the New World Order. There will be one, and only one, truth and that is Might makes Right.”

So while it is easy to laugh at the Creationists and their kind as just people who are Arrogant in their Ignorance crying about what they see as a liberal bias of reality, you can never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Moving on from creationism into other parts of Politics, I have commented on current political affairs often, I try only to comment on politics when I can either: 1) make a valuable observation that I haven’t seen someone else make. This is tough because two of the blogs I follow are Wisco’s Griper Blade and Down With Tyranny both of these offer excellent political commentary that I can rarely compete with. 2) If something strikes me as extremely funny.

My favorite in the funny politics category was when I had Sean Penn explain the financial meltdown:

In case you missed the reference, Sean Penn gave a speech denouncing Bush’s invasion of Iraq in it he used the term “Soiled and Blood Soaked Underwear” to describe Bush’s policy three times. The phrase became so famous that Stephen Colbert had a Meta-Free-phor-all with him. Watch it,it is fantastic.

I couldn’t resist applying the metaphor to the financial meltdown.

Also in politics I love pointing to the fact that you don’t have to be crazy to be a Republican politician, but if you happen to be nuttier than a fruitcake it isn’t a detriment. That’s why I like writing about Sen. Bunning of the Great State of Kentucky.

Senator Bunning: Kentucky's other crazy Senator

Obama's a homosexual Darwinist From Outer Space

You have to love that someone who believes “Little Green Doctors” are out to get him is allowed to have a seat in the Senate.

On a more personal note I did the “Getting into Hot Water” Series.

This series had a dual purpose, first as I explained in the post my hot water heater exploded and I don’t have the money to replace it so as a DYI project, I built my own Solar Hot Water heater.

Second, most of America spends the Summer Months heating at least 30 gallons of hot water when at least 320 btu’s per square foot of energy is beating down on their roofs and they then have to use air conditioners to remove that heat.

If I can build a cheap solar water heater out of scrap then it isn’t a huge leap to think that during the summer months May-Sept the US could cut the amount of energy used to heat hot water by 90% if we set our minds to it.

This act alone would drop our energy consumption by at least 10% that’s 2.5% of the world’s energy usage or the same as discovering 2 Saudi Arabia’s.

Any energy policy has to take Solar Powered hot water into consideration, it is the easiest way to save energy and I have shown it can be done without harming kittens.

Writing on Writing

I am a semi-professional writer now, magazines actually pay for my stories. So of course, I have to shamelessly promote that fact.

I’ve written about my fiction writing here:

Double Edge Publishing

Long Term Thinking

Cursed Ship

I’ve been advised that as a semi-professional writer, I should start a semi-professional website to promote that. It is in the works and I will link to it when it is online.

A tip of the hat to the now deceased Thisisby.us.

When the writing site Thisisby.us was up and running, I published 50 articles over there. I still miss it, it meant writing to a crowd and getting critiques. I believe it honed my writing skills, which had gotten a little rusty.

When I started this site up I moved some of my best articles from there over to here.

Superhero Chicks I Would Never Date

6 Things Smokers and Non-Smokers can Agree on

How Much Head Should a Girl Give in a Day

That’s what he said. (Translating Guy-Speak for Chicks)

Dear Hollywood Executive

A Letter to K-Mart

I’m sure there are more but those are the ones that generated the most votes over there.

This post has gotten a little long so I’d like to wrap it up by thanking anyone who has taken the time to read my 5 pages of rambling about the last six months.

I’d especially like to thank all the people that have visited my little site over the past 6 months and read some of my 100 posts. I really can’t express how happy it makes me when I pull up adsense in the morning to see 40 people have stopped by to read my writing.

Hopefully, over the next 6 months I’ll post another 100 or so articles and I can do another best of/ New Year/ Anniversary Post.

And for those of you who came here searching for Ganymede Creationism, leave me a line and let me know why you waded through at least 15 pages of google search to get here and why you were looking for “Ganymede Creationism” in the first place. If I knew what it was, I’d probably write a post about it.

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