A Few Minutes with Betty, Chapter 13: "IM Me First!" (or, "Is That a Knife in Your Gut?")

"If I didn't IM you, would you ever IM me first?"

"Hi, Betty. Well of course I would. Have I been a jerk?"

"Well, not any more than usual. But I noticed a trend: if I don't IM first, I get not a peep from you. And seeing as how, without me, you would have no humor series, A Few Minutes with Betty, I would think you would be a little more proactive."

"Well, you're right, I am going to have to correct that. I'm sorry. I've been writing a lot."

"Hey, I figured if I didn't say something, you probably wouldn't realize it, Shakespeare. I'm not angry. I just feel sorry for you."

"Things with the book are really heating up."

"Angry would be: HEY BITCH! IM me first!"

"Yes, that fits the anger models I have heard about."

"Oh, well write then. The book is very important. It might mean that I will eventually receive a check from you, Mr. Humorist."

"I am picturing you with a hunting knife between your teeth."


"And your hair pulled back."

"No, the knife would be in your gut."

"Ha ha. You are a stitch, and I will need some stitches. Ha ha."

"I wasn't joking. Okay, that's all I wanted. Go write. I'm going to ply my kids with ice cream. If you are on later, I will be back."

"Okie dokie golden-tressed goddess of all that is supernaturally good pokie."

"Shut up and write. You will be that much closer to sending me money."

June 23, 2009.
Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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