Not sure when I said goodbye,
but it was a while ago,
the first time at least;
maybe it was when the announcement
was made that the joint was going dark;
or maybe it was when I was shown the door,
having lost my self-control with a troll;
or maybe it was when I returned in disguise,
except the IP address can tell no lies;
anyway, it's been painful to watch you slip away,
like my mother-in-law when she died of lung cancer,
twenty-two years ago --
she didn't just die,
she faded away and disappeared into the bedsheets;
and with you, it's been hard too,
once such a vibrant, teeming stew
of personalities and ideas;
the proving ground for some, and
the training ground for others;
you met so many different needs --
one size really did fit all, for once.

And when I think about all the people
who have become so important to me here,
and all of the smart things,
and pretty things,
and wondrous creations,
that have been laid before me here,
well, it's tears of joy and thanks
for a little time, in a little spot,
where a little was enough,
where only some was usually a lot.

thisisby.us, we should always remember,
existed because of us,
and ended with us.

January 28, 2009, for all my friends and colleagues from thisisby.us.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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