25 Things

1. I wish I knew.

2. I wish that I didn't want to know.

3. I really want a way out.

4. I don't like the cold or the heat.

5. I hear music in everything, and if it doesn't have rhythm, if it doesn't have a beat, then I'm not interested.

6. I'm tired; I used to be sick and tired, but right now I feel okay.

7. Most of you never really understood me.

8. Most of you never really loved me.

9. If I was suddenly silent, it wouldn't matter.

10. Before I go, I want to get Songs from the Road published.

11. I want a good job that uses all my talents and abilities.

12. A woman I know told me recently that all women are tricky and sneaky. I did not realize that she was included in that group until yesterday.

13. Life has become a chore.

14. Searching for meaning is fine, until you get to the end.

15. When each day starts with "not another day," you know you have had enough days.

16. Despite everything, I still manage to laugh everyday, and I wish I knew how that happens.

17. Black is my favorite color, but I am only wearing it until they make something darker.

18. I wish that the joke wasn't always on me.

19. I know that God has a sense of humor. He created me.

20. I hope that life for my three daughters is filled with love and laughter, and that even the bad things go down easy.

21. I hope that you find whatever you are looking for, and if you are not looking for something, I hope that you will tell me how you manage that.

22. I wish that I had no feelings.

23. I wish that I could break up the conversations between my heart and my head, and that I could make my fingers stop participating in their conspiracy.

24. The only thing that I really have to recommend me is a pair of killer blue eyes.

25. I wish that I had more to recommend me.

January 24, 2009, inspired by Danielle Michele Unruh, the ok melon baller.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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