my new invincibility

I suppose I ought to keep this bottled up somehow;
but I can at least tell about it:
a friend was questioning my new obsession, being
the King of Dismalia,
my imaginary realm,
where things don't seem quite as dark
because we are all already wearing black,
having discovered that
mourning comes
just as easy as
morning comes;

and so I gave it some old school thought --
cogito ergo sum --
and I realized that by virtue of
my shortened wick,
that I can be the candle that burns brightest;

hell, that's better than being King any day,
that's better than being related to Jor-El,
and the further beauty
(if that wasn't enough)
is that I can eat that kryptonite for breakfast,
and all those caps still just bounce
right off my chest;

I was dangerous before,
when I hid from my mortality;
now, without those fears to chain me,
I am invincible --
maybe I should join the bomb squad,
or grab my carabiners and go hiking
in search of Osama;

or maybe I should just aim a little lower
for starters: find a cougar,
and consume her;
hell, maybe she has a couple of friends.

January 25, 2009.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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