Mornings like this one, sunny respites
from winter's cold, grey grasp,
bring the promise of the new-life season,
the one that makes us feel like
all things are possible,
and that all the morbid shadows
that crowd us into the warm comfort
of our little cocoons
will soon be banished
to dark cellars
and places that we do not have to visit,
even if only for a short time;

and while I long to bask in that shine,
and want to find out
what will only be learned in time,
my heart still breaks for you,
preparing to lose one so true,
getting ready to do the hardest thing
that there is to do: goodbye;

picture her in that blessed state
of being surrounded by those few
whose lives she has touched, each one
a living testimony to goodness,
and kindness, and fulfilled dreams;
she may be going on without you,
but that one life, that one life,
was always so much more
than it seemed.

March 7, 2009, for Kimberly.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley.

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