I love you more than I thought I could,
and it feels so good to be understood;

I love you more than you think I do,
and I love to do everything with you;

I feel like I have known you forever,
every single time that we are together;

I am so at ease when I am in your arms,
like there is nothing that can do me harm;

We fit together so well, we just clicked,
and other times, I felt a little bit tricked;

The chemistry we have really surprised me,
like the way you treat me so tenderly;

I try to never count on tomorrow anymore,
but I want to keep you always to adore;

I am going to keep you with me always,
this time, this one, I keep, and it stays.

March 6, 2009. (With thanks to Stephanie Rogers for the first He and She lines.)

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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