in between F and H

Where you want me to be, baby, now and
mos def eventually, right there, right there,
in between F and H, the only great place,
end of this furious race, the only place you
want me to be, now, then, and twentyfour
seven, the way to send you straight up to
heaven, the only spot that's got what all of
everything's got, in between F and H, the
only place where real is all feel, and there
is no space left for daylight, what always
starts out slow and never fails to feel right,
same way last week and same way tonight,
in between F and H, the place where I know
my place, tight in that tightest space, the end
of this furious race, the one that I always
let you win, the place you finish where I
begin, the way to let you know just how far
I am willing to go, the only way to know
for sure that for your illness I am the only
cure, in between F and H, baby, in between,
always will be, baby, and always has been,
the place that the race ends, where the pace
suspends, just for long enough, just for long
enough, to prove to you that I can go to
where you need me to go, faster, deeper,
steady or slow, ready to rock and always
ready to roll, whatever you need is found
right there, the spot where you never have a
care, the spot that is so supernova hot, no
need for anything more, no need to look
for another place, the place is the space,
the only space, in between F and H.

March 7, 2009.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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