all that I have learned

You know we could sit here forever,
jamming the words tightly together, and
we could ramble about the big gamble
that I lost when I lost her and how much
it cost me, how I nearly lost me, and I
suppose even without all the grey and
blue that a lot of all that is fundamentally,
essentially true, but what is really more
important for me to get through to you
is some sense of all of the things that she
taught me, easily or hard, whether takin'
a sip or playin' a card, and all the ways
that she made me a much better man, an
understander of the bigger plan, and yet
still someone that she felt she had to give
up, right or wrong, and so I see no point
in runnin' her down and I won't and I can't
because mostly the beautiful plant that you
now see growing before you is partly the
product of all that she imparted, and so if
she and I had never started, or if we had
never parted, then there would be no "you
and me" and so it should be easy to see that
the point is that now I am your song, and a
better one with which to sing along, for
all that I have learned.

March 1, 2009.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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