la chica con azucar y mi

love is one of the few things
that gets bigger
the more that you give it away;

bossa nova, baby:
we are a perfect fit in every way;

once or twice or so in a
something like this happens:
neither fast or slow;
la chica inmortal,
amor inmortal,
desde mi a tu
from me to you
desde tu a mi
for an eternity

un inmortal milagro;
and to see it grow:

just with our hands,
just with our lips,
my fingers find their home
resting gently on your hips;

vibrarse y nos espiral
de arriba y abajo
some sobs, as our throbs
come and go;

no estoy loco
no esta loca, chica:
este amor es verdad;

su toque,
su toque es que yo necesitar,
el toque magnifico
el toque para su corazon
stretching the horizon
el toque de amor
what feelings are for;

me gusta su besos
in secret places
y su abrazo
strong and secure,
never letting go;

me tire un beso,
and I swoon:
we make the moments
hacemos los momentos
we take the moments
tomamos los momentos
we keep the moments
tenemos los momentos
we are the moments
estamos los momentos:
stolen time for stolen hearts,
hearts afire
with more than mere desire:
la chica con azucar y mi.

March 26, 2009. Tu conoce, girl. You know who you are, chica.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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