The Gentleman


"It is the duty of the gentleman to ride,
to shoot, to box, to fence, to swim,
to row and to dance. He should be

"If attacked by ruffians, a gentleman
should be able to defend himself,
and their women from their attackers."

"A true gentleman is one who has been
truly fashioned after the highest mode."

I cannot be everything you need me to be,
even if I tried; I can only try to be
everything that you want. If I am seen
to be graceful, it is because everyone
sees you on my arm.

I am not Superman any more than you
are Lois Lane. But the hounds of hell
will not keep me from dying for you, if
that is necessary.

I am very much a work in progress,
always trying to learn and always learning
to try.


"Use your manners. A good manner is
the best letter of recommendation among
strangers. Civility, refinement and
gentleman are passports to hearts and homes,
while awkwardness, coarseness and
gruffness are met with locked doors and
closed hearts."

I know how to say thank you, but taking a
compliment is still hard for me to manage.
I am not without sophistication, but I try
to never let it get in the way of being real.


"Open the door. If passing through a door,
the gentleman holds it open for the lady,
even though he never saw her before. He also
precedes the lady in ascending stairs and
allows her to precede him in descending."

I will try to treat you as my equal, my partner
in life, my best friend and confidante, and as
one with whom I would trust my life, and the
lives of my children.


"No smoking. It is not deemed polite and
respectful to smoke in the presence of ladies
even though they are amiable enough to
permit it."

I have my faults, and my vices, all of which
I wish did not belong to me. They make up
who I am, for better or worse. I will accept
yours, if you will accept mine.


"Hats off! The gentleman removes his hat
when entering a room where there are ladies
present. When he greets a lady friend, he
should raise his hat gently."

I remain in awe of the blessing to me that is
you, and the love that you give me. I will
never pass up a chance to remind you that
I love you.

March 21, 2009.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All right reserved.

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