A Union Response to the Republicans

Cut off their access to Hookers.
by: Project Savior

The Republicans blocked the $14 Billion Auto bailout Friday, A move that may cost the taxpayers as much as $30 Billion if the banks need to use their Republican supported bailout funds to cover the loans they made to automakers.

The Republicans said they wanted greater concessions from the Unions, in doing so they have brought themselves directly to the Collective Bargain Table. Since the Republicans have decided they should get involved with the Bargaining it’s only fair the unions treat them as a partner in negotiations, and let the Republican Senators feel what happens when negotiations break down with the unions.

The quickest way to make these Republican Senators feel the Unions power is though a secondary boycott. Every autoworker should make a pledge not to go to a hooker, or even the same escort service that caters to the Republican Senators that voted against the bailout. The hookers and escort services wouldn’t want to lose the Autoworkers business and stop serving the Senators.

This way the Senators who voted against the bailout would feel an immediate impact of their vote. I’m sure Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) wouldn’t know what to do if he couldn’t have a hooker at the end of a long day of cutting benefits to retirees.

It’s true that some Republican Senators are known to get other forms of release and a secondary boycott of them would work as well. Local Union chapters could check to see what flights the Senators are taking and which airports that they will be laid over at, then stand outside the men’s restrooms of those airports handing out flyers to the men that go in with the Senator’s picture and a caption saying. “Support a Strong America, Don’t Blow this Man.”

No matter how wide a stance the Senator takes in that bathroom, it will be doubtful they’ll get relief after a plea like that.

The Unions could also cut off the other source of Republican relief by taking out ads in their home districts urging parents not to let their children be pages for those Senators. “Before you send your child off to be molested by a Republican Senator, think of all the workers you are hurting.”

With ads like that I’m sure quite a few parents will think twice before letting their children work as pages for those Senators.

And finally all union members should boycott any child pornographers who donated to Norm Coleman’s Senate campaign. Let’s see how he gets by without his kiddie porn.


  1. Complete snarkiness that somehow rings true.
    Good post.

  2. Well, Living in Michigan the auto state this is all I see in the news.