A Modest Republican Proposal on the Auto Bailout.

Senator Mitch McConnell led the blockage of the $14 Billion auto bailout package saying he wanted the unions to make concessions to be more in line with non-union autoworkers.
The autoworkers for Toyota already make more than the union workers ($30 per hour as compared to $27) the big difference is in the money paid to the retired autoworkers. GM, Ford and Chrysler have been making cars in the US for over 100 years as opposed to Toyota, Nissan and Honda that started building most of their plants in the late 1980’s so they have fewer retired workers.
McConnell’s actions have proven that he knows who is to blame for the financial crisis the world is facing. It’s not Wall St executives who came up with great products like default credit swaps and sub-prime mortgage backed securities, he likes them and voted to give them $700 Billion with no strings attached.
No, McConnell knows that the world’s current problems are the fault of retirees. These evil men and women who worked hard for 20 to 30 years and think that they have a right to have a roof over their heads just because their Companies promised it to them, with the Government’s blessing.
These evil retirees seem to believe that they should be entitled to healthcare, just because it was promised to them. They should have known when they signed up to work for these companies in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s that the system of Employer provided healthcare, which the Government pushed back then, would be dismantled under the Conservatives led by Mitch McConnell.
Since Mitch McConnell has shown that retirees are responsible for all the ills in society, I have I modest proposal that he can use to fix this problem.
We can use the retirees as a food source. As soon as someone retires we can grind them up and send the meat to fast food restaurants (non-union of course). This will work especially well in the stockyards since the retirees won’t even have to travel. For other industries I’m sure McConnell will want concessions to have the unions pay for the travel expense. In non-union shops this expense can be deducted from the final paycheck.
Although some fear grinding up retirees for fast food might weaken the housing market further, we are already in the process of kicking them out of their homes so the impact won’t be that bad. And even if it does, it will free up even more Social Security Money that we can use to bail out the banks.
If McConnell would use his influence to get this measure passed, it would make our country more competitive by not having our companies burdened by having to fulfill the promises they made to their workers with the Governments encouragement.
If this proposal gets watered down, it will just mean a weakening of the Social Security and retirement benefits forcing retirees out of their homes and a Government policy that makes the cost of healthcare too much for Blue Collar retirees to afford. Pretty much the same plan he has pushed for the last 20 or so years.
But grinding retirees up to serve as fast food would be much more honest.

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  1. Excellent. McConnell, in addition to all the other bad things he represents, represents the old politics of big money and confrontation. I need to see when he is up for re-election.