Flint and Spark

none that I wrote;
the ones that escaped my throat:
I said to you,
My dear, was more than true;

have all that I am,
Quickly as you can,
As I lie fading from this life;

all you can dream
All that it may seem,
As I go tumbling down the hill,
Wishing it were my will,
But going nonetheless, still;
Wanting you there,
Not leaving a care,
But being only in my arms;
Giving me all of your charms,
Saving me from the alarms,
Keeping me from all harms.

what do I know about life,
Struggles and silliness and strife;
I know only you at this moment,
You who holds me through this torment,
who are my candle in the dark,
You are the flint for my spark.

what do I know about love?
Why should I, among all people,
Ring like a bell, high in a steeple?
Because you
have enlightened my heart,
Tore it down a few times,
And then remade it, as art.

Time erodes, and life goes,
But one thing remains ever true,
I have never loved another,
As much as I love you.

December 11, 2008, for Jan.

Copyright 2008, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.


  1. Sorry about that- my PC did a little hiccup on me and posted too soon.

    This is really raw, simple and touching work. Thank you for posting it here.