for bill and elle dee, who do not deserve any capital letters

they tried to silence my voice over a stupid little troll
(note to self: 1960s paranoia works again; he was out to get you)
like a bunch of jackbooters and they left me no choice
but to join the blogging looters

they have no victory, as such,
my voice rings on elsewhere
and they are shown to be soulless, typical mercenaries
out for their own buck, while dispensing pennies

they hide behind stormy towers
and don't take our call
they are not so important,
in fact, they are nothing at all

anonymity, we think, keeps us safe;
and maybe to a degree it does,
but it also allows dark and deadly creatures to prowl;
at night, you can hear their knuckles crack,
you can hear them glare and growl
they wait to pounce on you
and take everything you have

and then of course, the eternal plotters:
brazen thieves;
they put their heel on your neck,
and ask if you would like to leave;
just as long as you leave your work behind
for them to monetize
and they wonder, they really wonder,
why many want to pop one,
right between their eyes

for shame, bill and elle dee, for shame:
when you look into a vacant mirror,
you will have only yourselves to blame

December 11, 2008

Copyright 2008, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.


  1. YOUR writing belongs to YOU, and anyone who tries to usurp your rights to your written work without paying you for your permission to do so is a thief.

    TIBU2 will NOT re-publish your work without your permission, because it belongs to you. It is your intellectual property.

  2. Oh, you are so correct. And I suspect, that like every one of us who has ever taken a mortgage, we ignored the fine print, since we wanted the benefits. That is a legal certainty, as you point out, but most certainly not a moral certainty.

  3. Hi!I see many familiar faces. :D

  4. We ought to invite Bill and Elle Dee here, just to be dicks.

  5. uhm what if you don't actually have a "dick"
    I feel ya ricky well written.