it might have been a Wednesday

it might have been in the middle of a week, when
I first realized that we would no longer speak
in terms of tomorrow, that our middle names for
each other would now begin and end with sorrow,
that your folded arms hid all of your charms
that I had imagined in the first place, and that
looking at that picture, all that anyone understands
is that I am now looking at you, standing with
empty hands, just like your siren call, when you
first put up that wall, and it was you who was so
scared to fall, but it should have been me after all,
I should have been the one scared since look at
how I fared, not so well, but what the hell it
won't matter too much more, I only pass through
one more door, and then I am free, free to be
and to say that it might have been a Wednesday
when I started crying and could not stop, the
day I fell to the bottom from way on top, it
might have been a Wednesday when I fell in
love with you, and it might have been a
Wednesday when you told me we were through,
it might have been a Wednesday, but it's hard
to say.

April 11, 2009.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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