Project Savior: After Dark

As anyone you has followed my writings that I have plastered over the Internet for the past year or so knows, I write a lot. I also just write whatever about whatever stray thing goes through my head.

Being a human often times this involves sex.

What I have been doing with my sex articles is carefully looking them over and if possible editing them to be PG-13 and posting them on writing sites to have them immediately taken down.

If I couldn’t get them to be PG-13 I would set them aside, usually before I was done writing them.

Then I wondered if there just might be a market for sex on the Internet. A quick google search confirmed this suspicion and several hours later, (I always like to do through research) and after a quick shower, I was ready to start a blogpage were I could put up my sex writings.

So please come visit Project Savior: After Dark.

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