It's hard to write when not inspired.

So with the final and total demise of the original TIBU, I really haven't written that much. I really want to change that. Before TIBU1 made its last gasp, I had copied all of my files from there, and I intend to put them back online again. Using Blogger, I've created two blogs. They will be linked to each other, but because I do not want one flagged as containing adult content when I expect that only a paltry percentage of my writing on it will be "adult content" in nature, I opted instead to go with one "adult content" blog, and a much larger "general purpose" blog. So far, I've worked out the basic layout on both, and I have added an introductory post on one. You can check me out here.

I don't know how much I will be writing for TIBU2. As much as I love this group of people, I sort of feel like it is time that I try to write for a much larger audience. Some of you may know (as I reported on the original TIBU) that I have launched my own business. I hope that will be successful for me, but the real challenge is in the marketing at this point. SO....if any of you are interested in such a service, or if you know somebody who might be, I'd be delighted to hear from people.

I'll try to keep checking in here periodically, but I feel like my personal focus and energy are currently better placed towards trying to find a suitable economic nitch for myself, and while communities like this one are wonderful, a business endeavor of professional writing really needs to be undertaken mostly alone for it to be successful, I think. Its a "Too many chefs spoil the soup" type of problem, I think.

You're all wonderful, but I feel like I have the skills necessary to make this happen, and I really need to make something happen at this point anyway. I won't bid you farewell as I'll try to keep checking in, but I do feel that the focus of my time and energy is better spent elsewhere at this time. Hopefully I can come back and enjoy the TIBU-like community for what it has meant to me all along, a great community to share both writing and experiences with.

Keep in touch. I will make a sincere effort to try to remember to do so.

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