life's lake

she was going to save me,
of that we were both so sure;
then she decided what was right for her,
and that didn't include me:
just another old man washed up on the shore;
what was his life really for,
who was he, and did he ever open that door:
mystery of history, and
maybe he just didn't deserve one more,
one more chance to live a lovely life,
one life, a small one, nothing more,
nothing more at all after he took that fall;
and that was the biggest irony of all,
that she was afraid he wouldn't be there,
if she took that fall.

oh, my darlin', my one and only sweet you,
how I wish still that you really knew
why it is that my eyes are so killer blue,
and what about me that is so very, very true;

she was going to save me,
except she arrived too late,
and then had other plans to make,
other I-love-yous to take,
but I know she'll show up at the wake,
wondering and pondering
about the old man, old whatshisname, washed up
on the shore of life's lake.

February 5, 2009, and so I lied, so sue me.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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  1. Oh Ricky it sounds like a life of torture and you deserve better!