"see you later"

the parting,
made no easier
by its repetition,
as we two return
to our respective conditions:
I turn left,
as she turns right,
both of us feeling the loss,
feeling bereft;
eyes locked,
hands clasped,
lips trembling,
we both wish
for some other ending,
even, perhaps one that is
with neither of us having
to bow to the relentless
flow of such a strong
as responsibility,
invading the cocoon
of two lovers' heated
those stolen hours
like pressed-flat flowers
in our memories,
in our multicolored stories,
of just over one day passed,
but one that will long last,
until union is reunion
and again our die is cast:
yet immutable,
fixed on some vernal point
on time's horizon,
one that only we two
will recognize
when it comes again;
when it comes again.

I go north,
as she goes south,
yet this love remains
so solidly in the center;
two lives, so disparate,
but two souls sent down
through time,
me to be hers,
and she to be mine;
some might laugh,
and cast it off as some cruel
trick that star-crossed minds play,
but they would be wrong
by more than half,
as we know, this day, that
this love of ours has tumbled
and tossed,
has been won and lost,
in more ways than
there have been days;
measures of treasures passed,
lost, ruptured, broken, cast
down long shadows of time,
when rocks were still young;
all of the many songs
that our hearts have sung,
cascade down upon us,
neither of us ever equipped
to say good-bye,
trapped in the valley that is
love's vast crater,
we can only wave,
and mutter,
"see you later."

October 23, 2009, for the Wifey. What a grand 26 hours!

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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