dreams dashed, hope crashed, no
survivors found, nothing much
left around the center of the
implosion, just a notion, that it
could have turned out so much
better, talent wasted, something
sweet and spicy tasted, even if
for such a short time, even if
more ridiculous than sublime,
even if I could have fooled
myself one more time that I
was still immortal, that I walked
the halls of time, surveying all
that was once mine, thinking
that all I held was fine, only to
take that headfirst dive into a
mortality that consumes all that
is alive, including me, once
again, setting me free to float in
eternity, still seeking to find all
that inhabited my mind for
centuries, for millennia, yeah,
yeah, yeah, baby, whatevah
really rocks ya, takes the socks
off ya, gets your groove workin,
sets free that monster in the
background that's lurkin, lets
that creature be the whole double
feature, puts it all in perspective,
leaves nothing to the imagination,
leaves nothing to be elective,
all mandatory, all the same old
sad story, that none of us get out
of this life alive, that love down
through eons may thrive, but not
enough for any one of us to live,
to survive, and so I will die yet
again, and forever and ever seek
you out, amen.

October 4, 2009, and no, it is not for You, or you, or you. It is for me.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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