Calmaté, mi amigo, I have never intended
to take anything, or anyone, away from
you, especially Her, on whom your whole
life has been built, to the hilt, and this is
true, es verdad, and you must know that
this flow, this thing that did pop up and
proceed to grow, well it was just as
unexpected as the fact that we elected a
black president, it was just sent to us, it
happened, dude, and to deny it would be
denying the servitude that lovers, real,
honest-to-God lovers, give to the love
that consumes them, that rules all that
they do, that makes them continue, move
along, live, and sing any old song, the
movement that separates them from the
dead and the dying, the quest, the vying,
the searching, the trying, the exploration,
the expiation, of a certain elation, of a
discovery of a recovery of a soul that I
loved so many thousands of years ago,
and for whom I have been searching all
this time, through the ridiculous and the
sublime, the One who was once mine, and
I must announce now that I have finally
found Her, and She is yours for most of
the time, but for a moment or two, She is
also mine; a difficult concept for anyone
to grasp, but believe me, my man, this
love has traveled so far down through
time, that I know that it is ours, Hers,
and mine; and it will be so until the end
of time.

September 30, 2009, for him.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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