the Prologue to "The Dude: Stories About One Hell of a Man"

(The Dude is a series of stories that I first thought of back in my old thisisby.us days. To date, I have only managed to write one of the stories, called, unsurprisingly, The Dude, along with a poem called The Return of The Dude. Tonight, for some reason, The Dude was calling to me. It may have something to do with turning 55 next Saturday, but it could just be the full moon. Who knows? Anyway, I hope to soon, among my 43 quintillion other projects, get back to writing more stories about The Dude. I like to think that he is a lot like me. Well, hell, I created him, so I get to decide, right? I mean, about him. Ha ha ha.)

they needed someone to stand in the breach,
and though he had always dreamt that he would teach,
he stood up when everyone else
sat down, he
took that step forward,
never stumbling, never awkward,
as he lived by
The Code:
God, Family, Country.
and wherever he walked,
wherever he rode,
he was as constant, and as
certain as the sunrise,
or so I was told;
I never asked for his given name,
as everyone simply called him
The Dude,
and to expect more than that,
well, it seemed a little rude;
people say they never knew
where he was really from,
but they were pretty sure that
they knew where he was goin';
he was goin' to Set Things Straight,
wherever that might be,
and all the times I witnessed him
well, that destination seemed accurate to me;
so the stories that follow,
well they are all pretty much true,
even those about tomorrow,
since today will be yesterday
in an hour or two,
and they are true enough now;
trust me.

July 5, 2009.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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