God knows

once upon a time,
I gave my life over
to God;
after a while,
I decided that
He was not doing
such a great job,
so I took over;
I did not do such a
great job either,
so I gave it over to
She did a pretty good
job, but She got tired
of it, and started to
it up, so I fired Her,
and took over again;
then I decided to
give God another
crack at it,
since He promised me
that He would pay
better attention,
show up on time,
and all the rest of that
employee shit;
He did okay for a while,
but then fell back into
His old ways,
never calling ahead,
not watching carefully,
and I had to can His ass,
once again,
and take over;
unfortunately, I had not
learned one stinkin' thing,
and I screwed
up nearly as badly as
She had,
so that's when I again
fell for God's pleas,
and gave Him the reins,
yet again;
He seemed to be doing
pretty well, and then
She2 came along,
and all of life seemed
to be one neverending song;
and so I gave the reins
to Her2;
and then my daddy up and
died on me,
and I lost my job,
and then She2 got tired
just like She had,
and She2 started to
everything up,
everything in sight,
and that wasn't bad
enough, She2 decided
to leave me for dead,
which I nearly was,
and so I fired everyone
that I could find,
and left with the clothes
on my back, and a little bit
of my mind;
meanwhile, She3 came along,
and boy oh boy could She3
sing a song, right along;
so I put her in charge,
and She3 did pretty well,
for quite a spell,
but then She3 decided to
go south as well;
so I was tired of God,
and Shes,
and I came up here,
on my hands and knees;
and the original of them all,
well she took me in,
having seen my great big fall;
and so then came along
the one that I know that I was
destined for;
and that's where we are now,
and where I expect to be,
until that pesky God comes
a beggin' to me;
even then, I suppose,
I will tell Him to take a walk,
since He has proven Himself
unreliable before,
I will likely show Him the door,
but hey,
God knows.

July 13, 2009.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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