Expediency Should NOT Be the Objective!

A Piece About Gestures and Winking and Going Throught the Motions

This is an update on my latest goings-on with Massasoit Community College's Police Department, and their refusal to do the right thing.

I have more to say to you at the Massasoit Community College Police Department. You are a bunch of cowards. Maybe not a bunch. Maybe just a couple of gutless pukes with more power than they know how to handle or deserve, who are calling the shots in this mess, to the reluctantly supportive dismay of some of your fellow MCCPD brethren in blue. I go that far to avoid the generalization because there are two among you who I think probably have at least an ounce of integrity, but who cannot afford to be outgoing in any expressions of non-unity with or within your own department.

To wit: my latest "outting" at the Brockton Trial court. Yes, I had to visit this lovely hall of justice yet again to answer to a charge of "trespassing" for actions that no decent, thinking person should ever deam criminal or even subversive. And, to one who would dare to suggest that a cop can tell a law-abiding citizen to get lost just because, in his opinion, said citizen's mere presence is "antagonistic" - you are so dead wrong and can kiss my ass. And then, you can go take a good look at the MGLs.

Oh, and while you're at it, take a gander at a little bit of doctrine known as the Bill of RIghts. Yeah, I like those first ten amendments a whole lot. I am particularly enamored of amendments 5, 6 and 8. Oh, and that pesky constitutional clause prohibiting the making or enforcing of any Ex Post Facto laws - which means that you can't arrest somebody for an action that wasn't a crime, then make it a crime after said arrest, both the arrest and the grunt-level executive activism done of course at one's petty and incompetent whim, and then say "oh, you broke a law that wasn't a law yet when you did the thing that I just decided I will say you can't do now..."

You know what I did this time? I obeyed my "probation". What? Yeah - okay I'll back-track a tad for those in AC and elsewhere who may have been spared this drama over the last 232 days. On November 21, 2008, I was arrested for trespassing on a public community college campus, during operating hours, while sitting in my car getting ready to leave from what until that point had been regular visits to Massasoit's library to write and do some computing - yes, both constructive and leisurely.

If you're confused, I do not want to waste space in this update recounting what I have railed on about repeatedly already. The first such effort was a week after I was so egregiously violated, and I spelled out the details in doggedly tiresome (and perhaps WAY too wordy) detail in article: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1255405/extortion_ex_post_facto_entrapment.html?cat=17, and more succinctly and summarily in my piece: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1812642/innocent_man_told_he_is_still_unwelcome.html?cat=17.

There is still more narrative on this incident mostly, but in generally awed contempt for a flawed legal system in my writings which you can access thus:

http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1813658/the_criminalization_of_noncriminal.html?cat=17, http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1822375/public_notice_to_officers_anne_holland.html?cat=17, http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1831105/to_the_massasoit_police_department.html?cat=5,

I offer still more exposition in article: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1415506/with_intimidation_and_extortion_for.html?cat=17

and opine a more general contempt for jurisprudential and law enforcement incompetence in article:
http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1419886/rule_by_intimidation_versus_the_rule_pg3.html?cat=17 ;

about which I rage, albeit more metaphorically and covertly in my poem: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1456582/no_justice_no_peace.html?cat=10

and the emotional impact this damned thing has, and a hate and frustration it only aggravates I seethe forth on in another poem: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1526785/impassioned_blackness.html?cat=10.

Nah. I'll spare you the unending and, some might say, therapy-worthy obsession I've had and long-time contempt for neuro-typicals I have had that this whole matter has only catalyzed, as I continue attempted poetic waxing at in: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1579039/mean_people_suck.html?cat=10

as well as in my perhaps rather prosaic battle cry of sorts: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1782418/youre_a_liar_youre_a_cheat_youre_a.html?cat=10

Okay, yeah. You can call these the pissing and moaning of somebody who should just accept that the system "isn't perfect and never will be". You can call these the perseverative efforts of a guilty person. You can damned well deduce that they are indicative of a burgeoning neurosis or worse for all I care. There may be even merit to that last characterization.

Or you can see them for the bewildered but steadfast quest for something freakin' right in this world that they aim to achieve, because I just do not know what else a person is supposed to do to access the due process that is supposed to punish the guilty and protect the innocent.

I went to court yesterday because I dared to visit the campus police after my "probation" was finished, one of the terms of which was to stay off of the property. I won't argue the illegality and unconstitutionality of that here, as I have done so already. But, apparently, even though staying off of the property was specifically one of the terms of the probabtion (the other that I stay out of trouble - oh, boy, tough one), that the probation is over and the case dismissed does NOT mean, apparently, that I have any "right" to ever set foot on Massasoit property again! Even though, as one of their own officers admitted, I did nothing wrong.

So, on June 1st, I go to the campus police to ask them to give me the records they have on all of this crap, and the first thing I'm asked is "you're still trespassed, aren't you?". Nevermind that I still cannot understand that phrasology, as "you are trespassed" is not only an oxymoronic use of tense - it past-passive, but it's a mother-@#$%! intransitive!!!! How the hell does it make sense and how the hell is anyone supposed to understand what the @#$@#-damned hell that means?

Anyway, I was threatened with arrest if I didn't leave. I left.

A few days later I get a piece of mail which read, in part, as follows: "You are hereby notified that an application for a criminal complaint against you has been made in this court by the complainant named above..."

It is worthy of noting that the date of my "offense" was June 1st, and the "date of application" (when the charge was filed by Massasoit's uni(n)formed finest) was June 8th. Interesting. What caused the change of heart? Did Sergeant Anne Holland just "forget" to file the charge that day, just like Officer Christopher O'Sullivan "forgot" to tell me the charge against me when he arrested me, and just like he "forgot" to Mirandize me until well over an hour after he had me in his custody?

I sincerely doubt it. So what got under their skin then? I did. I found that out the very day I made the mistake of trying to take responsibility for knowing the details of my own freakin' case by so haughtily daring to ask for my own damned records. I found that out when one of the officers present even alluded to my writings on this site about this mess.

And yeah - when I left the campus that day, I came on here and I told ya all about it.

They didn't like that. So they filed another charge of trespassing. YOU are a God-damned coward, Anne Holland. You wouldn't even come to the courthouse to face me eye-to-eye. You sent your token "good cop" to read from a script to the clerk magistrate who took hardly any testimony from me (as I was too chickenshit to do anything but listen to the goings-on), and whose smirk at my suggesting my outrage by refering to these here writings, itself suggested a familiarity among not just the Massasoit Police, but the Brockton Trial Court staff as well of my on-line writing to this case!

They know the truth. But, don't you get it? The truth is not expedient. Justice is not expedient. And in our clogged and redundant and absurdly over-used criminal justice system, expediency IS the mandate!

Does justice come to those who wait for it to fall benevolently into their laps? I'm learning the hard and bitter lesson that that is a resounding "sorry, pal!".

Am I about done with this whole mess? Am I going to let it go and surrender to the will of a fate and corruption that, yes, could be and elsewhere most certainly is much more wrong and high-stakes? Should I or anyone else settle for anything less than the ideal and promised liberty, due process, and moral recompense of complete, contrite and irrevokable justice?

In other words, am I anywhere near the point of fatigue, resignation, and defeated surrender such that I just let myself become another victim? Am I the type of person who can just "let it go already!!"?

Never have been. Never will be. Not even close. So, to those aforementioned cowards and bullies who think they can push around a weaker and smaller member of their and our society, who has done nothing wrong and who only and always puts forth the tenacious and agonizing fight that it has been for him to survive every day, be prepared. I suggest you steel yourselves for one hell of a campaign. This is one fight that has barely even begun. You think I get this need-a-nap dog-dead tired because I half-ass my way through life?

Think ***AGAIN***.

I did not start this. But you can bet your very lives that I am going to finish it. Or you can apologize, beg my pardon, restore some token remuneration for the time, money and health you've stolen from me, and welcome me back into a community the membership to which I did nothing at all to forfeit.

You can get out of my way and leave me the hell alone once and for all, or I can knock you down. Your call.

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