She said:

that is why I said earlier,
no need to be nervous:
we've known each other,
all our lives;
we took different paths:
yours, rough;
mine, seemingly smooth,
but with heartache;
and separated by our new existence,
we managed to find ourselves back,
back again,
to the soulmates we were in the other life.

And He said:

wow, that is so beautifully expressed.

And She said:

and yet, while I will not
give up this new life of mine
for my soulmate,
in this life drawn from our other life,
this weekend I give freely
of my own

And He said:

you do not need her help;
this is gorgeous expression right here;

And She said:

Yes, this weekend I have planned,
this journey we have taken:
the soul knows,
and our souls knew,
and we take what we can,
and so our weekend will soon be here;
this dream for you, I can make happen
and well wish it that it could be more,
but if wishes and dreams and all that other stuff
that romantics say could be so,
well then there would be no need
for an afterglow.

And He said:

you are an amazing woman,
and I am a fortunate man,
to be honored by such love as yours;
I am, and always will be, so glad
that we were destined
for each other, baby.

And She said:

I think you and I were destined for each other,
because once upon a time,
or once upon a future,
we are meant to truly be together;
I have believed this since I first realized
that I love you;
that there will one day be
no obstacles,
no boundaries,
just you and I,
and our love,
and all we have created.

August 21, 2009, with the Wifey.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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