approaching ecstasy

the appointed day
and hour,
no longer far away,
drawing closer
with each sweep
of the second hand;
the clock,
often ignored,
mesmerizes me,
much the same
as You are adored;

my heart flutters,
my speech stammers,
are everywhere,
this time of year;

the pounding
is not someone
at the door,
it is my own heart,
the one that You adore;

You fill my every
moment now,
asleep and awake,
as I realize
the sweetest love
to make is the love
that gives
without regard
for what it will take;

the searing heat
that radiates
makes me swoon,
and Your arrival
cannot come too soon;

ah, come to me,
my sweet, and leave
your cares out there
bless me with You,
and I will make them

measured merely now
in hours,
before union is at last
it simply takes my breath away;

the thought of your fullness,
nestled in my hands,
your breath warming my neck,
it is more than I can stand;

this treasure, this
pleasure, this dream come true,
this is only possible
because of You;

wait, we must,
but we take it well
on trust,
we see it all unfold
in days,
approaching ecstasy.

August 25, 2009, for the Wifey.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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