Cursed Ship

I’ve had another fiction story published, Cursed Ship, it’s about a Moon Ferry Pilot explaining how his career was ruined by being the first pilot of a Moon Ferry that had killed 4 people in the trip before.

Despite the ominous theme it is a cute little story that I am proud of, please check it out at:

Unlike the last story I had published last month in Raygun Revival http://www.raygunrevival.com/index.html “Long Term Thinking” which had a fairly technical discussion about Buckypaper which was hard to condense and make interesting, although I believe I did a good job making it enjoyable. “Cursed Ship” is more like a ghost story set in orbit.

I got to add in a few techie details, which the geek in me loved, but I tried to make sure a non-techie could skim past those few paragraphs spread throughout the story and still find it enjoyable.

With this story the character and story are definitely the main focus and the science elements are merely an elegant backdrop. That’s not always easy to do in a science fiction short story.

As always I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it. All comments are welcome.

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