what is within

I was feeling a bit feckless, well
truly, more than a little reckless,
when I started in on all of it,
like I ever really gave a shit to
all the whatever of it, but hey,
I was there, and I made whatever
out of whatever, and left them
sleepin' canines right where they
lay, because as we all know from
those stoopid greeting cards:
tomorrow is another day; well
no shit, really, tomorrow is another
day, fuck you, you silly, self-absorbed
little shit, you have not had the
occasion to walk a mile or even a
foot in my moccasins, so shut up,
and let me learn you a thing or two:
this life, from which no one leaves
alive, this life is just one that one
survives, forget thrives, this is just
a waystation on the way to the
assembly of the whole nation,
where sorrow is banned, across the
land, and where elation is not just
the relation between you and me,
it is the realization of people set
free, set free to love and be as they
choose to be, that is what this whole
chase is about, more about what is
within, than what is without.

September 14, 2009.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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