any day

I spent a lot of the day today
in between more important things,
like work that I am paid for,
just reflecting on my life,
maybe just projecting
from the many open questions
that my current life proposes;

all the really bad stuff,
the mournful, the pitiful,
the contrite,
the I-wish-I-coulda,

and on balance,
(if I have any left
after being knocked off-kilter
49 thousand times),
I think I have done it pretty well,
this life;

I have tried, always strived,
to do better, be better, work harder,
than those that came before me,
to advance something,
bring it closer to a perfect life,
whatever the hell "perfect" is;
and amid all the pain, the sorrow,
the struggle, and the inevitable strife,
I may have succeeded:
I might have snared,
just what was needed;

there's probably 10 million regrets,
(maybe more, but just now I forget),
that I have locked down,
deep inside of me,
things that I still wish
had gone differently;

but You and me, baby,
not one iota
any different,
not one speck;
and though it may lead me
to the Gates of Hell,
with You gracefully on my arm,
well, that's okay,
You are worth that much,
and more, and more,
any day.

September 10, 2009, for the Wifey. P.S. Thank you, my sweetie, for giving me one of my bucket list wishes come true; once a month, if we can manage it, will do, it most certainly will do very nicely.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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