The Catspiracy is corrupting our youth

Tigger’s evil plan to rule the world starts by corrupting our youth.

TV aimed at kids is designed to lure them into the Catspiracy.

The biggest offenders are:

Which taught young girls that if you dress-up in skintight leopard outfits you can defeat the plans of any mad scientist. BTW: That actually does work, when I was hatching my scheme to destroy the world, my wife walked in wearing a skintight catsuit and I immediately forgot about my scheme.

2) Pepe LaPew’s friend with benefits: Penelope Pussycat

In the cartoon Penelope applies make-up (a white stripe down her back) to completely enamor poor Pepe, making him do things like wear perfume.

This teaches young girls that if they wear make-up and attractive clothes, men will do things (like shave and bathe and stuff) in order to be with them.

This is all part of the catspiracy, when combined with their plan to make women healthier, to make women dress in Cat Outfits and make-up and so men will not be able to say “No” to any evil demand they make.

A shocking result of this evil plan is seen below:

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