to never leave you

this night, especially,
the sound of You sleeping,
inches away,
comforts me more than my silly words
can say;

comfort now is found,
but reality always rebounds,
as I realize that I almost lost me,
but more importantly, You,
earlier today, when
something seized me,
held me tight in a grip,
and yet somehow,
there was a small click,
a switch switched, and I continued
on my zigzag trip
to somewhere,
at least to now,
and tomorrow, but somehow,
the elation of survival
is the second cousin of sorrow;

another day to love You,
more chances to show my true self
a little bit more than just words,
my arms holding You tighter,
this life, feeling just a little righter
than when I started this day,
unaware that something might conspire
to take me away from You, again,
like those lives before, way back when,
when the way was lit with smoky torches,
and all I could see were Your eyes,
and That Smile, through the haze,
those days, dimly lit now,
but burned in my eyes so clear, and
yet somehow, for a time today,
I did not remember You,
and lost my focus, lost my bearings,
and I was adrift;

I cannot measure my determination,
my will, my strength, my ardor for You
in any useful way, but I hope that it will
suffice to say, that I am now dedicated
in more ways than I can say,
come what may,
to never leave You.

December 19, 2009, for the Wifey, my beacon, always.

Copyright © 2009, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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