O Christmas!

I remember the birth
of the mirth, of the joy,
though I was only a small boy:
I remember Christmas,
untouched, unblemished,
a simple time, one to relish,
enjoying the ordinary pleasures
as if they were new-found treasures;

now it all seems so stale,
so old and forgotten,
so much a sad tale
of times misbegotten;

maybe it's just me,
maybe I have lost all my
silly carefree serendipity;

in any event, I do not want
to dampen, or otherwise tamper
your merriment this night,
or to even temper your joy
with some of my sad employ;

go on, and you make the most of it,
and I will watch, from farther off,
and see the best of which
your good heart makes of such,
and cheer you on,
and cheer you on;

I am here with you, always,
just sometimes a bit further on,
just sometimes a bit further on.

December 24, 2009. To all my friends, Merry Christmas.

Copyright © Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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