for free

so facing having to write
a nice, descriptive, tight
story about the marion
planning board meeting
tonight, he does what any
hard-working, serious
journalist would do --
he decides to write a poem
and let his mind wander,
as it is often wont to do --
and what of this poem
of disaffection, distraction?
well, you are reading it,
so you tell me your reaction;
are you dismayed, that a
reporter who is supposed to
be working, is instead sitting
there, jerking your cerebral
cord? or are you more
concerned that what he has
learned is displayed in his
use of every single word?
do you moan with dismay,
at his attempts to waylay
the subject that he ought to be
reporting, or do you believe
that his attempt to retrieve
some humor out of life is
just resorting to some silly
contrivance, a way to make
nonsense seem like
relevance; tell me, dear reader,
do you agree,
that the best of this poet
is your reading,
not my writing,
and that you have it for free.

March 8, 2010.

Copyright © 2010, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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