Dixie Chicks

we surfed to the edge of the stratosphere
on pixie stix, and we realized where we were,
and held our breath, listening to Dixie Chicks;
we walked the straight and narrow,
unsure where it would lead, and we saw
the late and the fallow, as they wasted all their seed;
we tripped the light fantastik,
and it kicked us in the ass, and we made ourselves
elastic, making love in meadow grass;
we rocked the house all-nightly, and we made ourselves
look sprightly, but it was ever just a game,
by a different name, pretty much all the same,
and we had ourselves to blame;
we bit off more than we could chew,
hey, don't laugh, it could happen to you,
just always remember to carry a knife and fork
in your pocket, no, don't be a dork, not the shirt one,
the one that folks don't see, the one that let's freaks
be freaks, like you and me, that hidden one;
oh, and remember always that when you "assume",
you make an ass out of "u" and "me";
and folk think that I am not progressive:
I can't wait for Aetna to get obsessive:
so punch the buttons, baby, and
unscrew them, and put on "Fly."

March 22, 2010. Health care for all humans.

Copyright © 2010, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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