no goodbye

left arm aches
as I set down these lines,
but I am not here
to speak of pain, refined;
I am here only to say again,
to remind, that all of us
are here
for a finite time;
live well, then,
and love those around you,
one never knows when
one will need love to
surround you;
keep in place
all the joy that you trace
one way or the other;
sometime it may serve
to show your soul to another;
be gentle, in all that you offer,
one day, it may be what
you must proffer;
and always,
be a kind person:
that way all you learn
will be lessons known,
a lifetime grown,
not time alone,
but time with your fellows;
cast dark and dreary,
or cast in fury and loud hellos,
whether slipt by in courses,
or snuck by on stilettos
as a friend said once,
"snick, snick";
grab this life, dammit,
with two hands,
and have at it:
I will never say goodbye,
at which I am worthless,
but only "see you later,"
of which, for sure, I can profess:
later, much later,
I can confess, I will see you,
much more than less.

February 26, 2010.

Copyright © Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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