bought some rum,
a whole liter, as I
thought I might need some,
just in case I couldn't cheat her;
turned out, tonight at least,
best damn bet I ever made on a beast;
feelin so damned well relaxed right now,
it wouldn't mind me much if she birthed a cow;
noticed just now that these lines are gettin long,
have to stop that now or this will be a lousy song;
so how in the hell do I stop these rhymes,
and still get the point across in less lines;
well it doesn't take a genius,
to figure all that out, to be sure;
just need bare necessities to enure;
now the lines are back to manageable size,
well maybe not that last one, I realize;
bt I knw I cn shrnk lns f I pls,
by jst brngng ll thm vwls t thr kns;
there, that seems to have done it,
and so I can close, and say, that I won it!
okay, not such a great close,
you'll go ahead and sue me, I suppose;
but I know just where to send it, see,
I bounce it off me, and send it back to thee!

January 6, 2010.

Copyright © 2010, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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