hey sista

hey sista,
guess I really shoulda
kissed ya,
missed that chance,
shoulda had a better
backwards glance,
a little bit of you,
a little bit of me;
that rearview's worth
its weight in gold;
babyface we can skip
all that romance,
see I don't even like
to dance, and Imma
not into makin love,
Imma like 50,
into havin sex,
but don't let that vex ya,
I'm really into ya,
so one more time,
sweet lil ting,
let me hear you sing,
let me see you shake
that thing, and then
you call my name, and
hey baby we can play
any game that suits ya;
you walk that way,
and I'll rap this today,
and we'll let tomorrow
pay for our play:
down on the street,
out in the club,
hey baby, back of my PT
I'll let you give me a
back rub, rubadubdub
in your bathtub, you'll see:
on the bathroom floor,
you can show me more,
whatever you please,
but I'm not on my knees,
lil sweetcakes, cause there's
plenty of shorties out there,
up in those trees;
hey sista, look into
these eyes of blue,
and tell me what's got
into you, and Imma replace
it real fast, and I can last;
Imma just here for a fling,
it's a simple little thing,
Imma not looking to change
the color of your mood ring;
there's no palaces,
no Rolls Royces,
just you 'n' me,
and some simple choices;
hey, hey sista
guess I musta missed ya;
dammit I shoulda kissed ya,
I shouldn't have passed ya;
hey, hey sista
who the hell could
resist ya,
I just can't resist ya,
I just can't resist ya.

January 15, 2010. With a hat tip to Estelle and Kanye, and all the rest, and especially the Wifey, who has unearthed the soul that I always had.

Copyright © 2010, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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