no address

it's funny
it's one of those
that you nearly ever
think about
until it lands at
your feet;

that most folk
seldom meet;

and when it
touches down,
it grows --
so large,
that it removes the sun
from your sight --
no matter how strong
you think you are,
it fills you with
the biggest fright
of your life;

these days,
it is becoming a
no where to go,
even if you have a
temporary sanctuary,
as I fortunately do;

no address?
no work, no place to plug in
the computer;

no address?
no license plates,
no where to send the renewal;

no address?
no car insurance,
no where it is registered;

no address?
no driver's license;

no address?
no food stamps,
no where to send them;

no address?
no voting,
you are not registered anywhere;

no address?
no bank account,
no where to send the statements;

no address?
no mobile phone,
no where to send the statements;

no address?
no health insurance,
no where to communicate via snail mail;

no address?
no subsidized housing,
no where to inspect when your turn comes up;

no address?
no place to be,
to just be;

no address?
no hope,
only an ending;

so when you next
lay your head on your pillow,
remind yourself
of how fortunate you are,
with an address.

October 22, 2010.
Copyright © 2010, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved. Those rights survive me.

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