slow down

slow down,
cut your speed,
and let me love You,
in every way
that You need:
let me please You,
tease You,
do everything
that will release You
scour You
of all those past miseries,
all that make for
of love forsaken,
of elation
never taken
to its natural release;
please, please, please,
let me adore You,
let me restore You,
to Your rightful pose,
what any fool knows:
is above me,
some unknown
some something
that will let us be
simply One,
never to be undone,
merely us two,
wound and bound
into a simple,
gleaming song
that is never more
nor less
than simply
slowed down,
into One.

June 8, 2010, for the Wifey.

Copyright © 2010, Ricky A. Pursley. All rights reserved.

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